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Worthing College VS. Exeter College

On the 3rd of October Worthing College’s women’s rugby academy embarked on the 4 hour mini bus journey down to Exeter to play a well anticipated match against Exeter College. As this was only their second game in the season, they wanted to make a big impact, after the unfortunate defeat against Gloucester Hartpury in their first match of the year.

Once Worthing College had warmed up for the game, spirits were high and they were ready to play. The match was comprised of 4 15 minute quarters which proved to be an arduous game for both teams, which wasn’t helped by the 20+ temperature playing conditions. In the first quarter Exeter kicked off, with a successful catch, Worthing worked hard to gain ground and remain possession.

Intensity stayed high in defense from Worthing College as they continued to push forward and put pressure on the opposition, this allowed Sofia Rolfi, with good line speed to intercept the ball and score beneath the posts. Rolfi then went on to score the bonus points of a conversion.

After Worthing gained the first points on the score board, they had the determination and grit to keep the work rate high and do the same again. Exeter kick off to Worthing who with great line speed push up straight away, with a strong carry from Amy Saunders, the scrum half. From this point Worthing, they played quick ball out of the ruck, to the outside center, Aimee Porter, who crashed the ball forward, followed by a offload to a support runner, gaining Worthing lots of ground. After this play there was a
series of offloads, which allowed Worthing college to get over the game line.
From a 2 on 1 Sofia Rolfi, was able to gain her second try of the match. With a
couple strong forward carries from the Worthing side, Exeter began to increase
defensive pressure causing a forward pass from Worthing College, leading to
scrum down, Exeter’s ball. However from the scrum, Exeter grubbered the ball,
which Worthing were able to jump on straight away, which lead to Jade
Oten-Henworth spotting Exeter’s broken defense, putting another another 5
points on the score board.

Exeter began to fight back, scoring several points as Worthing started losing girls to injury, this meant that with now only 9 players on the pitch and 2 quarters left, Worthing needed to pick their heads up and dig deep. Within the 3rd quarter, Exeter were able to put fresh legs on and gain the upper hand, resulting in points on their behalf. This
point winning streak carried on until the penultimate quarter resulting in the
final score of 35-17 to Exeter.

“This performance built on the good play from the Hartpury game. The message from the coaching staff was to apply pressure, go forward and maintain pressure, and we cannot fault the team for fulfilling those messages. Some of the play in the first two quarters, was exceptional, it was just a shame, we lost significant players through knocks. Big credit also to big hitters Beatrice Mora and Sara Seye, who repelled the Exeter attack on a number of occasions” said Mark Rugman Worthing Coach.

Woman of the match: Beatrice Mora



Women’s Rugby Academy win prestigious AoC National Women’s Cup

By Ella Sezen,

For the final fixture of the season, Worthing College Women’s Rugby Academy travelled up to Birmingham for the AoC National 7’s, having qualified regionally.  This was the last time many of the team wore the blue and white kit of Worthing.

First up, Worthing faced NC Pontefract, who they had never played before. The West Yorkshire team were physically strong and showed clear talent through their off-loading ability, but Worthing’s speed proved too much for them to compete against. Pontefract’s kick off was seen out by Martina Giampaglia for an early Worthing lineout. A line break from Captain Emily Hird allowed space out wide for Aimee Porter to score under the posts, allowing for Giampaglia to convert the try. Isobel Mayhew then scored two tries using a quick step and her speed to run around Prontefract’s defence- Martina converting both.  A knock-on from Worthing allowed Pontefract briefly get back into the game with a score under the posts. Simple hands down the line from a scrum allowed Tatum Gabriel to get on the scoreboard. Pontefract demonstrated their powerfulness with their second try. Final score Worthing 29 NC Pontefract 14.

Isobel Mayhew “quick step” try

Worthing faced Hartpury next. Nerves were mixed with excitement as Worthing have fallen short of beating them before, despite coming close and knew that this was a must win game if they wanted to become National Champions. Worthing were first to score, with a team try; undoubtedly the try of the season. Aimee Porter, yet again showed off her speed and power, getting past 3 defenders to score out wide. Mayhew scored her third try of the tournament, yet again demonstrating her ability to manipulate the defence, breaking through them and putting the ball down under the posts. Hartpury kept their intensity high however, with strong counter-rucking. This allowed them to regain possession and score twice out wide. But Worthing couldn’t be stopped. Megan Brown scored a superb solo try, stepping around the defence and out running past them straight from the kick-off.

Hartpury Megan.png
Megan Brown superb solo try

An effective penalty move, allowed Brown to score again. The game was made closer yet, with Hartpury over-loading the wing to score another try. Final score 22-17.

Megan 2nd Try.jpg
Megan Brown 2nd Try

An elated Worthing College had one final game to play versus Exeter College. Worthing had faced Exeter numerous times over the past season and they knew that they had the ability to win. Exeter were first to score however, which made Worthing realise that they would still have to play their hardest if they wanted to win the tournament. Exeter put immense pressure on Worthing, with a series of scrums on the 5 meter line. Worthing’s defence proved too much for Exeter, with a series of strong tackles from Roberta Haywood, Teya Ashworth and Lucy Relf. An Exeter line out was won by Lucy Relf and allowed Haywood to run blind and run off the defence scoring under the posts.

Roberta Haywood from a Lucy Relf steal at the lineout

Exeter scored again, meaning going into the second half Worthing would have to leave everything on the pitch if they were to win. A Worthing scrum allowed for them to realign and Emily Hird was able to use her speed and agility to run through Exeter’s defence, scoring an incredibly important try for her team. A series of off-loads enabled Roberta Haywood to get her second try of the game and ensured that Worthing had won their final game. Final score Worthing 19 Exeter 12.

Emily H.png
Emily Hird running through Exeter’s Defence.
Group Shot of all teams which qualified

Worthing, after 2 years of hard work and many ups and downs, had reached the ‘tip of the spear’ and were now AoC National Champions.

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-09 at 12.42.06 (1).jpeg
Nadia, Megan and Captain Emily
WhatsApp Image 2018-05-09 at 12.42.14 (1).jpeg
Tatum, Izzy, Emily and Ella S

“The AoC National Women’s Cup is one of the “major” trophies on the Women’s Rugby FE circuit and to finish third in one and win another shows that this Worthing College team has some of the best players in the country. I am so proud of the journey each player in the programme has made, and for them to peak at the right time is a credit to their hard-work, determination and perseverance. Credit goes to all the players but especially Emily Hird, who has captained the side through good and bad times over the last couple of years, and has lead them on this epic journey. I wish all the girls who are leaving this year, all the best for the future, and I will be looking forward to seeing them continue their rugby journey representing Universities and Premiership teams and of course England!” said Mark Rugman, Women’s Rugby Manager.


Happy Coach.png
Happy Coach #poser