AASE South Round 1 @ Exeter 201920

Student write up – Kayra Eren-Wilson

1st Game vs Exeter

Worthing College were keen to get out with a full squad to play some 15s against a strong opposition, Exeter. Worthing College kicked off, however it was Exeter who dominated the early exchanges with strong players that Worthing had to defend well against. Worthing were slow to get into the game after a long journey which allowed Exeter to dominate and take an early lead. They were quick to rucks, good at gaining and maintaining possession. Worthing were defending for most of the first half but when they got the ball their attack was unstoppable, with a quick ball to the backs and the wingers who scored.

The second half Worthing came on with a team goal of keeping line speed in defence and low tackles which impacted the game and allowed Worthing to have more possession. They continued to get a quick ball to the back line from the forwards and attack the space on the wings setting up tries. The try scorers were Rachele with 2 tries and Francesca with 2 tries. The game resulting 20-10 win to Worthing College.

2nd Game vs Filton

Heading on to their last game of the day after just playing Exeter. They carried over the same mentality and team goal, of keeping a strong defence and maintaining low tackles against a physical team. However, Worthing also wanted to incorporate their set plays and backs moved to gain an advantage in attack. This allowed Maggie to score two impressive tries down the wing.

Due the fact, Filton were a hugely physical team Worthing decided to maintain good go forward by using pick and go’s carried out by the forwards. This meant that Pip was able to score a forwards dominant try from Filton’s five metres.

Heading into the last plays of the game Filton continued with their physical attack meaning Worthing was force to keep up a good defensive line. From this they gained good turnovers in the rucks which allowed Worthing to score two more tries out wide by Francesca.

The game ended in a 27-17 win to Worthing.

Player of the match: Maggy Mora. Both her defence and attack was fantastic to see.


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