AoC National Women’s Cup Champions – Again!

Worthing College Women’s Rugby Sporting Excellence Programme retain the AoC National Cup for the second year running.


The AoC National Women’s Cup is the flagship event for AoC, and the day is shared with the mens elite and regional finals, at Moseley Rugby Club. Worthing College were strong favourites to retain the trophy, and they didn’t disappoint become the only College in the tournaments history to win back to back titles, scoring over 120 points and conceding zero, continuing their undefeated dominance of this event.


“Coming off the back of a 4th place finish at Rosslyn Park National School 7s, we felt disappointed that we underachieved. Therefore winning one of the 7s “majors” like the AoC Women’s Cup, confirms we have a very competitive rugby programme and now puts us in a good position moving toward the AoC National Championships on the 26th April” said Mark Rugman, Women’s Rugby Manager.


“Some of the tries which were scored today, shows the hardwork the girls have been putting in at training and behind the scenes.  Everyone in the squad made a valuable contribution towards the performance and should be proud of not just winning this trophy but the season”

Julie, Kirsty and Amilia – Kirsty finishing top try scorer with 7

Congratulations to all involved:

Lucy Relf (Capt), Jade & Jasmine Otene-Henworth, Ellie Mae-Phillips, Kirsty Hillier, Mimi Leclerc, Izzy Young, Kayra Eren-Wilson, Julie Nelsenat, Sara Seye, Sofia Rolfi, Amilia Busby, Imogen Brash and Beatrice Mora.

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