Worthing College Blues 31 – 7 BHASVIC

The Blues hosted BHASVIC for the third of four encounters the two teams would have this season. The weather was indifferent but the players to a man were very much up for the contest.

BHASVIC started strongly and were up on the scoreboard 7-0. The Blues put up some dogged defence to stop more scores from the visitors and then the game changed.

Following the leadership of Captain Will Rawlinson the Blues scored three tries with one being converted in the first half.

The second started with the same intensity shown by each team and it was clear that the result was far from a certainty. Neither side really gained the upper hand until Rawlinson again went over for a converted try which created the daylight the Blues were after.

Not deterred BHASVIC kept challenging, but Worthing were resolute and managed another Rawlinson try with the last play of the game to take the score out to 31-07.

Another really good advert for college rugby at the local level. Played in the best of spirits and in the manner you’d expect from two talented groups of students.

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