Worthing College netball 1st team hosted BHASVIC in the first round of the Sussex U19 Cup. The girls started well and from the start put the opposition under a great amount of pressure. Betsy and Shelby shot well with some good feeds by Livvy and Bethen – 1st qtr 21-2 to Worthing.

In the second quarter Coach Tina made some changes and introduced Eli, Holly and Ellie into the game, they all put immediate pressure on the passes and fed the circle well. Iona and Charlotte were superb in defence and would not let up throughout. This resulted in BHASVIC not scoring at all in the second quarter – half time 43-2.

In the second half Bethen and Livvy went in to shoot with Grace coming back on at wd, Eli moving to gd. The girls continued to increase their lead – 53-3 at the end of the 3rd quarter. In the 4th quarter Shelby played gk with Charlotte coming back on at centre.

The final score was 67-5 to Worthing College, player of the match was Charlotte Stacey who got numerous interceptions at both gd and c as well as some exceptional feeds into the circle.

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