Worthing College took 2 netball teams to play Queen Marys College in Basingstoke in their first Hampshire League fixture of the season.

The first team played first and immediately made an impact with Grace, Eli and Lauren in defence getting numerous interceptions down the court. Qtr time 17-3 to Worthing. The second quarter continued well with Betsy and Ellie shooting well, Holly and Phoebe with some nice feeds into the circle – half time 31-6 to Worthing.

In the second half the Worthing girls continued to dominate extending their lead, final score was 59-11.

Player of the match was Grace Ballantyne – worked tirelessly throughout the match turning the ball over on numerous occasions.

The second team had a great start to their match. Some great shooting by Lexi and Sarah combined with great defensive play by Keeleigh, Maddy and Emily resulted in a 26-1 lead to Worthing at half time.

The second half continued this way with some great feeding of the circle from Zoe, Eve and Becky. The girls stayed focussed and stretched their lead even more resulting in a 46-7 win for Worthing.

Player of the match was Becky Lloyd – great feeding of the circle, numerous interceptions.

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