Worthing had their first AOC League game vs BHASVIC. It was a slow start from Worthing as BHASVIC got points on the board quickly. Worthing then picked up the intensity and with a 16-point first quarter from Tom Nederpel Worthing fought back. Worthing became more and more aggressive by attacking the hoop and getting BHASVIC into foul trouble. BHASVIC then changed their defensive output into a zone and Worthing managed to find the space and attack it. The first half finished 37-40 with Worthing down 3.

The second half started and Worthing stayed on the attack however energy levels started to decrease in the team and BHASVIC started to push the ball harder. Despite Bryan Salugao’s tremendous effort and hustle BHASVIC continued to push the ball and Worthing struggled to get points on the board in the 4th. With 3 minutes left in the game Worthing picked up their energy and pushed for a victory however just came up short losing by 8 points. It was a very promising performance by all and everyone stepped up for their first game.

The final score: Worthing 63 – BHASVIC 71

Top scorers:

Tom Nederpel – 25

Fernando Pulle – 12

Cameron Matthews – 11


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