Worthing College netball squads travelled to Barton Peveril to play their final Hampshire League matches – a win would see the 1st team win the Hampshire League.

The 2nd team played first and from the start the match was very close. Ruth and Phillippa were shooting well with some nice feeds in from Billie at wa and Ellie at c – qtr 1 score 7-5 to Worthing. The girls increased the pressure in the second qtr with some good defending by Keeleigh, Kyra and Isobel – half time 14-10 to Worthing.

Maddy was introduced at gd in the 3rd qtr with Kyra moving to wd. The goals continued to flow with Ruth holding nicely but Barton not giving up – end of qtr 3 was 24-18 to Worthing. In the final qtr the girls really stepped up and showed their quality. Throughout the court they all played well and increased their lead- final score was 36-21 to Worthing College.

Player of the match – Ellie Punter.

The 1st team match was very close right from the start with both teams showing their quality. The quarter went goal for goal with both sets of defence working very hard – 7-7 at qtr time. In the second qtr Worthing started to edge the lead with some lovely feeds into the circle to Shelby by Liv, and some superb defending by Iona and Charlotte – half time 16-11 to Worthing.

Kyra was introduced at wd in the 3rd qtr with Kira moving to wa. The Worthing players were in full flow in this quarter with our defence not giving an inch and our attack playing very well as a unit – 29-17 to Worthing at the end of the 3rd qtr. In the final qtr the girls continued to dominate winning the match 42-25.

Player of the match – Kyra Dann Brown.

The result means that Worthing College are the Hampshire League champions winning all of their League matches against some very tough opposition. The second team are currently in 2nd place only losing one match in the League. A great achievement by coach Tina Price and the teams, what a season the netballers are having.

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