What a week! Women’s Rugby Sporting Excellence Academy


Tyrells Premiership – Warm-up Match

Team Squad

On Friday 2nd February, Worthing College travelled north to a wintry Loughborough for the Loughborough Rocks event, where the College played against Loughborough College in a warm match prior to Loughborough Lightening v London Wasps in the Tyrells Premiership 15s.

In a previous match between the Colleges the game was a tight affair with Loughborough grinding out a 5-0 win in deepest darkest Devon.

The game kicked off at 12.00 on the 3G Lightning 1st team pitch with conditions similar to the Devon match. It was Loughborough College who were the first to take the initiative, with some strong forwards play which resulted in a score out wide.

Worthing then took the game to Loughborough with some close quarters play with Teya Ashworth making some strong runs. Unfortunately loose play in contact cost the side possession, with Loughborough’s full back dancing through a weakened defensive line to score under the posts 12-0.

With only 5 minutes to go in the first half, Worthing had their best opportunity to score with a well directed grubber kick just short of Loughborough’s line from Bobbie Haywood and a great chase from Tatum Gabriel meant the only option for the full back was to kick it out for a line out 5 metres out. However the resulting line out was disruptive well from Loughborough where they were able to clear their line.

The 2nd half started similar to the 1st, however Loughborough’s relentless pressure was just too good for Worthing’s defence where they were able to score 4 tries to put the game well out of Worthing’s reach.

“It was a great experience for the Worthing girls and we are very grateful for the opportunity from Loughborough College” said Mark Rugman Women’s Rugby Sporting Excellence manager. “It may not have been the result we were after, but it was great to have an opportunity to play 15s, and for the girls to play at the highest standard at U18 level. We look forward to seeing them again in the shorter format in the future”.


“What a week this has been for the Women’s Rugby Academy players. Firstly to be joined by a World Cup and Premiership winning coach, Gary Street, and secondly to play before a Women Tyrells Premiership match, shows that the opportunities for the players is second to none at Worthing College. We continue to add value to the players at the College, and this opportunity is just another reason why we are the best Women’s Rugby Academy in the South East”

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