Today the team faced Easton & Otley College in the ECFA League. After suffering a 2-1 defeat last year, the girls were looking to do one better. Both teams started well with chances at both ends of the pitch. However Worthing were the first to break the deadlock thanks to Sophie Humphrey with a well timed header to put us in front. Easton were quick to respond when their corner hit the crossbar, shortly after, the half time whistle was called. 1-0 to Worthing at the break.

A quick start from Worthing gave us multiple chances to double our lead. However some good goalkeeping prevented us from doing so. Easton, still in the game, were fast to hit the counter attack, however a corner to Worthing, whipped in by Jodie Pallant, was spoiled into Easton’s net by their defence to give us a 2-0 lead. Easton, attacking with pace, won themselves a corner, the loose ball was hit by Easton’s number 9 but luckily blocked on the line by Abi Mason. Still 2-0 Worthing. A lot of chances from corners for both teams, this time it was Worthing. Another brilliant delivery from Jodie Pallant made it easy for Millie Colbran to put away her first of the game to make it 3-0. The final minutes of the game remained close, however, Worthing the winners after a well fought 90 minutes. 


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