@WorthingRaiders Academy @WorthingCollege 22-21 West Surrey

The Blues entertained West Surrey at the Sanditon arena looking to overturn the first round 17-5 loss in November.

The pitch was in excellent condition considering the recent levels of precipitation and this added to the spectacle as both teams went at it as if their seasons depended on it.

There were extended periods of pressure for the Blues at the start of the game getting the better of the territory and possession. WS managed to defend well and were if anything were in the ascendancy at scrum. The blues did manage to finish in the right hand corner through Tomlinson Blues 5-0.

WS came back incredibly well and pressured through big runners through the middle. While defending manfully the Blues gave up ground and eventually WS crossed under the horns to take a 7-5 lead.

The visitors were again back on the attack as the half came to an end. Worthing stood firm and repelled every advance, the tackle count mounting it was only a matter of time before WS would cross surely? But no the Blues held on for the half time whistle.

The Blues went straight on the offensive as they pressured the WS line from the KO. Sanderson added a penalty to put the Blues up 8-7.

Neither team were then able to take and consolidate the lead from this point on. WS scored going six points up. Garratt crossed and Sanderson converted Blues by a point.

WS scored again with just 12mins to go. Calm and focussed minds were called for and so they arrived. Good pressure again created by the Blues and playing quickly from an advantage the cross field kick was gathered by Cade adding the 5points. Sanderson hit the upright from wide out on the right hand side but it dropped just over the bar 2points added. Blues 22-21 West Surrey.

That is how it finished, Blues eventually worthy of the win although anyone that watched would not have begrudged WS the win either. Worthing just good enough on the day.

Tries: Tomlinson, Garratt, Cade

Cons: Sanderson 2

Pens: Sanderson

MoM: Erskine


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