Worthing College 2nd team travelled to the New Forest to play their Hampshire League match against Brockenhurst. Still on a high from Monday’s AOC tournament win for the 1st team, the girls were all in good spirits and looking forward to the match.

The Worthing team started well throughout the court and immediately turned the ball over, Phillippa scored. Centre passes were working nicely between Ellie and Holly and both Ruth and Phillippa were shooting at high percentages – qtr 1 score 10-3.

The second quarter was even better for the Worthing team with some excellent defence from Keeleigh and Kyra. The goals continued to flow with Worthing leading 24-6 at half time.

Coach Tina made some changes in attack but this did not interrupt the momentum. Billie got numerous tips at wd and Lauren made some nice drives towards the circle – end of 3rd qtr was 36-10.

The final quarter Isobel went into gk with Keeleigh out at gd, Kyra went into shoot with Phillipa. Defensively the Worthing girls continued to dominate only conceding 1 goal in the quarter to win the match 43-11. A great performance by the squad and coach Tina was delighted with their hard work and improving play with every match.

Player of the match – Holly Stoner.

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