@WorthingRaiders Academy @WorthingCollege 17-24 Uckfield CC.

The Blues travelled to Uckfield RFC to play the county cup quarter final on Wednesday afternoon keen to dismiss the memory of last weeks poor performance.

Unfortunately it didn’t look too good as the home side scored inside the first minute and were 7-0 up.

Worthing did get into the match from there although were unable to score the 5 pointer when the chance presented. Sustained pressure in the UCC 22m led to a Fielder penalty going over after 10mins UCC 7-3 Blues.

The game ebbed and flowed for the duration of the first period with both teams gaining the upper hand, losing it and regaining superiority again. The home side scored another try this time unconverted UCC 12-3.

It was then that the Blues build the most sustained period of pressure in the half. This culminating in a score for Rawlinson and the extras were added by Fielder. UCC 12-10 Blues.

Just before the half the visitors conceded a series of penalties leading to Fielder being binned and even the heroic 2min goal line stand couldn’t keep the hot side out. UCC entering the half 17-10 up.

The Blues started the second half well and were rewarded for all the pressure exerted by scoring through Fielder, he converted for a 17-17 score.

The next 15mins were more tense than can be explained. Both teams defended manfully when challenged and attacked with real endeavour in the heavy conditions. Neither team could exert any real authority as good play was followed by a mistake, giving the advantage to the opponents.

With just 3mins to go Worthing had possession of the ball playing in midfield, but were turned over with a penalty. This led to a huge amount of pressure on the visitors line and eventually following another huge defensive display a penalty try was awarded for a tackle made in an offside position. 24-17 to UCC.

Worthing tried hard to regain the ball from the ensuing kick off but were unable to get near it and UCC cleared to touch and prevented Worthing getting the equalising score.

A great game of rugby by two well matched teams. A huge improvement on the previous weeks performance and that is something that impressed second year student Freddy Mouland “All you first years were second years in my eyes today.” Big praise from the second row indeed.

Coach Coulson added “The effort, enthusiasm and application shown by the group this week was a massive improvement on last weeks match. We were ultimately not good enough today but I was incredibly proud of the effort the students put in.”

Coach Wolfe added “Such an improvement. No player could be criticised for the effort he put in.” He continued “A good advert for rugby at this level.”

We wish Mr Levett and his team the very best of luck in the next round.

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