Worthing College travelled to Cullompton RFC, Exeter after a successful campaign in Holland. This was the first tournament of the AASE campaign for all the Women’s Rugby Academies and a great opportunity to showcase the talent of the Worthing girls.

Worthing College were supported by six Brockenhurst girls for this event, which provided a great opportunity for the coaches to see a potential South East AoC team.

The first match up was against Hartpury College, who have always set the bench mark for Women’s Rugby over the last 10 years. However, it was Worthing College who set the standard with a physical defence and pick and go in attack. The conditions didn’t suit playing rugby which showed in the scoreline at half-time of 0-0. Worthing College were the first to make an impact in the game with some sleek passing, and a great line through the Hartpury defence to score under the posts. Worthing were able to hold on to this lead making the final score 5-0.

The girls literally came straight of the pitch to face a physical Loughborough team for their 2nd game. However the Worthing girls were able to keep their defensive pressure, holding out Loughborough for the majority of the game, however a quick spell of Loughborough pressure was too much for Worthing, where they ran out winners 14-0.

There was pleasant rest of 10 minutes before playing Worthing’s next game, against SGS Filton. The combination of Holland, weather conditions and little rest really showed for the Worthing girls, where a physical SGS piled pressure on in both attack and defence finishing a one-sided game 26-0 to SGS Filton.

Unfortunately, the Worthing girls had to pick up their heads for their next and final game against Exeter College. Again, finishing one game and starting the other really showed for the Worthing girls where Exeter piled a lot of pressure on them in the first 10 minutes with an eventual try under the posts, however the resulting conversion missed gave Worthing life line. The second half saw the girls play at the same intensity as the Hartpury game, with some great defence. The pressure was too much for Exeter, with Worthing picking up a loose ball, and with some quick hands let one of the Brockenhurst girls slide down the wing to score under the posts. With the current scores tied, it all came down to the conversion, with Captain Roberta Haywood slotting the resulting conversion to make the score 7-5 to Worthing.

“This has been a long and tough two weeks for Worthing College, however the girls have showed real strength and resilience during this time. Beating an International team and reigning National Champions, show the potential of this team and we are looking forward to the Challenges ahead” said Mark Rugman (Head Coach of the Women’s Rugby team).

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