Worthing College ladies vs Barking Abbey away in the ECFA Elite League. Both teams starting brightly, looking like it could be an equal game. Worthing conceded from a well driven cross, but no goal is given due to a hand ball, Worthing lucky to not concede early on. 

 Great determined run by Sophie Humphrey was eventually denied, the number 10 working hard centrally for Worthing. Jaqui Anne was making some excellent saves in goal, keeping Worthing in the game. A cross from Barking Abbey hit the post and went wide, another scare for the away side. Worthing conceded 30 minutes in, a well placed goal in the bottom left corner. 1.0 Barking Abbey. Worthing still battling hard and making some promising runs but a corner from Barking headed home, 2.0 to the home side, dominating now.

 Great play from Barking, ball slotted into the bottom right corner to make it 3.0. Half time approaching, Barking continued to dominate, Worthing working hard still. HALF TIME 3.0

 Beginning of the second half Worthing were creating a few chances and came back out with more energy. Barking still played with a high line, playing with pace and a good passing game. Another well worked attack led to another goal for Barking. Not long after, Barking attempt at goal yet again, Jaqui continuing to make some excellent saves. A scrappy shot goes in to make it 5.0. Minutes later, one of Barking’s players strike well out of the 18 yard box, over the heads of the Worthing girls, 6.0 a screamer from their central midfielder. Worthing were having no breathers and were chasing the ball as Barking continued to play with precision and composure, putting the away side under lots of pressure. 

 20 minutes to go Worthing concede another, Abi Mason tries to clear the ball but isn’t successful in doing so, 7.0. FULL TIME 7.0 Barking Abbey.



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