Barton Peveril came ready to play in the AOC Cup and shot the ball very well in the 1st quarter especially from the 3pt line.  11-24 end of 1st quarter.

Worthing defended the 3pt line much better but struggled defensively in transition, Barton Peveril scored easy fast break points as a result. Cameron Matthews used his size and strength to score 10 points in a row for Worthing keeping them in the game. 28 – 43 at half time.

The 3rd quarter was Worthing’s best period of play, 3pt field goals from team captains Ariel and Fernando gave Worthing a well needed energy boost which led to Worthing winning the 3rd quarter by 5. 59-49 end of 3rd.

Matt Wratting tried his best to win the game for Worthing scoring 9 points in the quarter but the 10 point deficit was too much to overcome. 79-65 final score, a great game.

Top scorers Matt Wratting – 28 and Cameron Matthews – 18




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