Worthing College Greens 17 Christs Hospital Nomads 43

A wet, cold and muddy Worthing RFC hosted the Greens v CH Nomads on Wednesday in a friendly fixture. There was nothing more than pride and performance on this one but both sides entered the game like it was a cup final.

The conditions reduced the spectacle slightly but both teams tried to adapt to the conditions as best they could. It was Worthing that weathered the early pressure and managed to withstand a number of good attacks. Then following a couple of penalties Worthing found themselves beneficiaries of a line out in the CH 22. Tozer threw in and a good drive from 15m lead to the first try of the day for Worthing. Tozer came up muddied but 5points better off. Garrett’s conversion hit the post from wide out, Greens 5-0.

Almost from the kick off Close made a marauding run fending 3 players and only being pulled down 3m out, great support from Hulley allowed a second try in as many minutes for the home side. Greens 10-0.

CH then found their feet and scored three unanswered tries the third of which was scored with the last play of the half. Greens 10-19 CH.

Pressure from the visitors welcomed the Greens to the second half, however it was some good defensive pressure and a great solo effort from Hulley that brought the score back to 17-19 CH.

At this point CH took control and just adapted that little bit better to the conditions, scoring a number of unanswered tries. taking the final score to 43-17 CH. It did not seem to be such an uneven match, basically because it wasn’t. CH were good for the win as they managed the game so much better and punished the mistakes made but the Greens.

The Greens started the day ‘rusty’ having not played since December and ended it ‘brown’ from layers of mud and ‘red’ faced from the endeavour. Good performances from every man and with the upcoming 6 nations a real opportunity to improve rugby understanding a change of more progress be made in the coming weeks.


Tries: Tozer, Hulley 2

Cons: Garrett

MoM: Bannister

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