Worthing College v Barking Abbey – AOC Premier Cup

The game started off with Worthing having dominant possession and creating lots of chances with Keavy putting some good passes into Valentine behind Barking Abbey’s defence and also with Megan, Abi and Holly keeping out any threats that Barking Abbey tried to put on Worthing’s back four. Barking Abbey kept trying to get the ball wide and then try finding their players in the box but they just couldn’t get through Molly in Worthing’s goal to find the target. Worthing played a lot of good football in the first half with link up play from Worthing’s midfield three of Annie, Jodie and Millie who found Beth on the wing to threaten Barking Abbey’s back three. Although Worthing had many chances after Beth Roe going down in a bad tackle, Worthing’s concentration dropped a little and they were punished by Barking Abbey’s number 9, making it 0-1 to Barking Abbey with about 15minutes to go. Not long after Barking Abbey scored Jodie found a ball over the top into Valentine that caught out Barking Abbey and was a chance for Worthing to go level just before half time but Valentine didn’t have the composure to slot it pass the keeper.

Both teams came back into the second half knowing it was going to be a tough second half. Again similar to the first half Worthing began to take control of the game and play the ball around comfortably. Linda who had replaced Beth in the first half after her injury took on a few players down the left wing and looked threatening. Worthing just couldn’t find the final pass or shot. Barking Abbey were still trying to find that second goal to settle the game for them however strong tackles from Keavy, Megan, Jodie and Annie kept their midfield and forwards quiet. Millie Carter had the ball on the top of the penalty area looking to have a shot but only to be taken down in a tackle and a free kick is awarded to Worthing. Valentine was over it and this was again a chance for Worthing to get back in the game. However, Valentine could only find the woodwork this time. With about five minutes to go Worthing threw everything at Barking Abbey’s defence putting two up top but they just missed out on getting the equaliser they deserved. The game ending 0-1 to Barking Abbey.




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