Merrist Wood kicked off first in this ECFA Elite League match. Worthing were on the offence with lots of energy and worked as a team to win balls up high. Things took a turn for the worse when Merrist Wood broke free at the back leaving us exposed, for them to pass the ball into the net, against Worthing’s keeper. Not long after, a good ball from Sara Tubby led to Annie Rolf scoring Worthing’s first goal. Worthing were now up for their second goal and with a great shot from Annie Rolf, outside the 18 yard box, they were finally 2-1 up. A few good balls played through by Valentine Pursey and Sara Tubby, led to players being caught offside and Worthing battled hard to maintain possession of the ball.

Second half kicked off. Worthing swapped keepers from Jacqui Goldsmid to Molly Towers. Worthing kept a high back four and aimed to pass the balls down the line. Pinging the ball between themselves Worthing found a break through to Abi Mason, who crossed the ball to Sara Tubby with an excellent header, scoring Worthing’s 3rd and final goal. Merrist Wood retaliated by attacking the goal but got no where and a goal kick was given. The goal kick was played, but went to straight to the opposition’s player allowing them to counterattack and score their second goal of the match. Worthing were still 3-2 up. A few good chances by Merrist Wood led to them scoring their 3rd goal, meaning it was now 3-3. The determination shown by Worthing to score again, was unparalleled. A massive effort by all was to no success however as the final whistle blew at 3-3.

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