Worthing played host to Barking Abbey in the ECFA Elite League. We started by holding our shape, making it hard for them to play through us. Their right back was trying to play the long ball to their number 9 but Worthing’s defence was solid with some strong tackles by Keavy and Megan. The first 20 minutes were quite tight. Worthing finally broke through Barking Abbey’s defence with some neat passing between Beth and Valentine for Valentine to score the first goal. 5 minutes later Abi Mason put a through ball to Valentine for her to slot it in the top corner to make it 2-0 at half time. Worthing came back out in the second half with some quick combination play within the midfield. Worthing kept the ball but then Barking Abbey managed to chip Molly to make it 2-1. Straight after Worthing kept the ball very well and Beth managed to play to Annie for her to get it low and hard to make it 3-1. Worthing managed to keep the ball very well to enable a mistake from Barking Abbey defence which made Annie free to shoot which caught a deflection and went into the bottom corner to make it 4-1. Barking Abbey refused to quit and made it 4-2 with quick pressing when the ball was played to them by Molly and they slotted it in the bottom corner. About 7 minutes before the end Sara pulled out a worldly from outside the box and managed to get the ball into the top corner to secure the win to make it 5-2 to Worthing.



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