Worthing College Greens V Cardinal Newman 2nd XV – U18 Sussex League

The game started in bright, but blustery conditions, with Worthing playing downhill with the wind. The greens started strongly and put Newman under significant pressure. With strong drives from Max Ravadeut, Alex Ward and Ollie Fielder. This led to a series of penalties in the Newman 22, Ollie Fielder kicked to the corner and after some excellent lineout work by Henry Godward, Worthing started a strong drive, which powerfully rolled all the way over the tryline and was scored by inspirational captain Max Ravadeut. The conversion attempt was unsuccessful. Worthing continued this pressure and regained the ball inside the Newman half again; after some brilliant restart work by Alex Perry and exit work by Harry Garrett, combined with a brilliant kick chase by Adam Lean and Conor Wheat. Worthing began building the phases through some strong organisation work by Ethan Banister and carrying by Alex Bosely and Ryan Macmillan. This led to the ball being moved the full width of the pitch from right to left, then again left to right, finshing with Adam Lean, breaking a tackle and bursting past the other defenders to score under the posts. Successful conversion from Ollie Fielder (12-0). The same pattern emerged again off the kick-off, with Alex Baxter applying pressure through an excellent counter-attack. Max Ravadeut then picked up from the ruck on the Newman 22m lineout and burst through two tacklers to score under the posts. Converted by Ollie Fielder (19-0). Worthing at this moment were on fire and were tactically playing some very clever rugby. All this was inside the first 20 minutes!

The next 40 minutes of the game consisted of Worthing going ‘off-script’, and playing some unintelligent rugby. This led to pressure from Newman, who mainted possesion well, forced penalties at the breakdown and gained field position through some clever kicks. This led to a score and conversion from them just before half-time (19-7). The similar pattern emerged in the second-half, with Worthing unable to hold on to the ball, granted some of this was down to the worsening weather conditions, with strong rain and wind making handling difficult. Newman once again applied pressure through a series of clever kicks. Worthing’s defence remained strong with some good work by Isaac Close, Kiran Akram, and Diego. The pressure once again told when a defensive lapse was spotted by Newman and they broke through and scored even after some brilliant work by Alex Baxter to make two last ditch tackles in succession (19-14). Worthing at this point were very much on the ropes with 10 minutes remaining and momentum with Newman. From this moment on Worthing showed some really maturity and intelligence to close the game out. Ollie Fielder kicked long from the restart and Worthing applied pressure. The exit kicks from Newman were fielded excellently from Johnny Hodgson, who demonstrated a real solid presence at full-back several times in the closing minutes of the game. Worthing then moved the ball into the Newman half and starved them of possession for the remainder of the game, to see out a hard fought victory.

Final score: Greens 19 V 14 Newman

Try scorers: Ravadeut X2, Lean

Conversions: Fielder X2

MOM: Ravadeut


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