Sussex Downs 2’s V Worthing College Greens – U18 Sussex League

The Green squad travelled to Sussex Downs College (SDC) to play in the U18 Sussex League. The game started with SDC applying heavy pressure on the Greens line and some strong running led to an early score. The pattern for this continued for the remainder of the half, with the Greens struggling to exit from their half. Only some strong defensive work from Conor Wheat, Mike Shillingford and Ethan Banister held them out. After a while Greens found their rhythm and started putting SDC under pressure defensively  and started to force turnovers. This led to Greens getting possession in the SDC half and several heavy carries by Alex Perry, Mike Shillingford and Harry Garrett gained some good ground. This was all being marshalled by Jonny Owen. Finally, this constant pressure eventually told where the work completed sucked in the SDC defence and the backs exploited this by expertly moving the ball into Adam Lean’s hands who dived over in the corner. A brilliant try. 

The second half-continued with the Greens applying pressure defensively to SDC, but unable to hold onto the ball long enough to create chances. The game centred very much around centre of the pitch, with both teams cancelling each other out. The pressure from SDC eventually told and a couple of mistakes led to two late scores. 

This was a well contested game against SDC who have a total squad of 30 players, the greens were very much playing a first team, well played. 

Final Score: SDC 34 – 5 Greens 

Try Scorer: Adam Lean

MOM: Mike Shillingford 




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