Today saw the visit of a 2 very strong Peter Symonds Squads. The last team to beat them in the league was Worthing College two years ago so it is always a fixture that is looked forward to by both parties.

The first team started off well with Yasmin and Charlotte combining nicely in the attcking circle with some good feeds from Faye and Kira. Defensively was always going to be tough as they had a very tall regional shooter. Pressure on the pass throughout the court was needed and unfortunately Worthing did not stick to task. At half time the score was 12-25.

The second half Worthing changed their team around to try and make a difference and Kira managed to get 4 interceptions at gk with some great pressure by the defence. The attack struggled in this quarter only scoring 3 goals. The girls never gave up but their opposition was too stong. Final score was 17 – 57.

POM – Kira Walters.

Today was not to be Worthing 2s day. Defensively the second team worked hard to close down the Symond’s shooters ( who would probably be 1st team in any other College) but we struggled to bring the ball down the court. Our movement off the ball was slow and enabled them to intercept the ball, we were 2nd to every loose ball and the shooters spent too much time behind the defenders.

We need to work harder both on and off the ball before the visit of Bhasvic next Wednesday in the County Cup and League.

Mom Ruth Wenyeve

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