The Green squad played Oaklands at home in a friendly, they approached this game knowing it would be a tough battle, and so it proved to be. The game started at a high tempo with both teams moving the ball well. Worthing put Oaklands under early pressure, and this was rewarded when a lovely offload from Henry Godward to Ryan Macmillian who rounded two defenders to score. Oaklands took the initiave from this moment and started to dominant field position and possession. Outstanding defensive work from Conor Wheat and Ollie Fielder kept them from scoring. Unfortunately, the pressure told and Worthing conceded 2 quick scores. This burst Worthing back into life and with Aaron Lindfield and Ethan Banister raising the tempo of the game put Oaklands under pressure. Strong carries by Alex Ward, Ollie Fielder and Callum Erskine meant Oakalnds were on the back foot. After a series of drivers near their line Freddie Mouland crashed his way over to score. 

Worthing went into half-time buoyant with the finish to the half. Unfortunately the second half was not to be as successful. Worthing conceded early and then lost concentration. They fought back manfully to try and force some scores to get back into the game. This led by Max Tozer and his throwing at the line out, which functioned very well all game, gave Worthing a platform in which to attack from. This, combined with his abrasive tackling, and Conor Wheat who performed some brilliant work at the break down, in tandem worked to stop Oaklands from playing. Unfortunately, despite some strong carries from Adam Lean, Ollie Fielder, Ryan MAcmillian and Aaron Lindfield, Worthing were unable to finish the moves off. As Worthing got tired they started to fall off tackles and Oaklands finished off a couple of scores when it looked like they might concede themselves. 

Overall, a game which if certain aspects of the game were better then the score should’ve been much closer.  In 3 months time, I am fully expecting the Green squad to go close to beating this team with the developmental path they’re on.  

Tries: Ryan Macmillan, Freddie Mouland

Conv: Ollie Fielder

MOM: Conor Wheat 

Final Score: 12-37 


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