1st team Farnborough 51 Worthing 26 – mom Faye

2nd team Farnborough 37 Worthing 25 mom Chyna

After beating two Sussex Teams , a visit to Hampshire brought the netball academy down with a bang. Farnborough are one of the strongest teams in Hampshire and it is always a battle when we meet.

The first team struggled in attack against a very strong Farnborough defence and it was a credit to both Charlotte and Yasmin that they battled to the end of the game. To be fair none of 7 players on the court gave up and worked hard throughout but we were our own worst enemy with our ball placement allowing Farnborough to turn the ball over on a number of occasions.  Being at home also enabled Farnborough to use all 12 players in their squads which is of obvious benefit.

The second team game was more of a contest however unfortunately the game was lost in the first 15 mins when we were unable to convert our shots, the shooters moved well and had the opportunities which was good but we found ourselves 3 -10 down after 15 mins. Defensively Emily and Ruth formed a good partnership and Lauren worked extremely well at Centre. The opposition gave Chyna MOM. Philippa Kennedy worked tirelessly in attack and at one point we had the score back within 6 but a lack of subs probably cost us as we definitely tired towards the end.

Fitness is key girls, together with ball placement. Two areas to work on !

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