Worthing College Raiders Academy 0 – 17 SEEVIC 

Worthing College played SEEVIC in some extremely trying conditions and produced a very strong performance against 2nd place performers. 

SEEVIC were a very strong and physical team containing numerous U19’s, this led to them carrying very strongly up the pitch. A resolute Worthing defence held them out for long periods of this game, combined with some outstanding scrummaging and exit-play work. This made it difficult for SEEVIC to build sustained pressure. Eventually SEEVIC won a penalty on the Worthing 10m line and kicked it to go 3-0 up. This led to Worthing putting some sustained pressure on the SEEVIC line, unfortunately the difficult conditions meant handling broke down the opportunity was lost. 

SEEVIC relived pressure and started to win the kicking battle through their outstanding full-back. This led to pressure on the Worthing line, a scrum and no.8, which was initially well defend. Led to several picks and SEEVIC crashed over. 10-0. That score was just before the half-time whistle. 

The second-half continued in much the same fashion. Worthing trying to dominate field position, but ultimately losing  out to the SEEVIC kicking display. As the conditions worsened the game descended into a lot of knock-ons and scrums. Both teams attempting to play and showing some good skill in very tough conditions. SEEVIC were able wriggle through and score after a Worthing mistake to make it 17-0. This is how the game stayed with Worthing pressing hard but just unable to be clinical enough. 

Today and in many performances this year Dan Adu personified Worthing’s defensive effort, with another outstanding display. For this, he is today’s Man of the Match.


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