Farnborough College vs Worthing College, Hampshire League.

In the first half we started of slowly and found it hard to find the back of the net. We had plenty of chances from crosses and long range shots and still couldn’t score. We dominated the first half and came out on to. They had a couple of chances but missed and we switched off for a couple of minutes which could have cost us the game. At half time the score was 0-0.

In the second half we came out ready for the game wanting to score some goals. 10 minutes in to the game Annie scored the opening goal to make it 1-0. 5 minutes later Hayley doubled the score to make it 2-0 with a good shot on goal. To make it 3-0 Danielle went on a run with the ball and had a shot and scored to make it 3-0. Farnborough College came back with a goal with a lofted shot over the keeper to make the score 3-1. Worthing College came back straight away with another goal after Danielle had a shot that look a deflection and Hayley came in with the follow up to make it 4-1. Sara had a low range shot that ended up in the bottom corner to make the score 5-1. In the last 5 minutes Molly came out from goal by swapping with Brooke. She had a shot from just outside the box and it ended up in the bottom corner and the final scored ended up at 6-1.


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