Raiders Academy 15 Coventry 31

Worthing had the final away trip of the AoC season on Wednesday against table topping Coventry. It was quickly off the bus and on to the field for the Raiders as they had been delayed on the M25 which had slowed progress considerably.

Not to worry, Holmes went over for the first of three very different but equally brilliant Raider scores. Unfortunately unconverted but a Raider 5-0 lead.


Some excellent defence in the hime 22m forced the mistake from the Cov attack, Alex Baxter playing in the unaccustomed 13 jersey scooped up and carried then delivered to Morin 65m out, count it. Raiders 10-0.

More great defence and determination to keep the much larger and more experienced Coventry side out. But unfortunately they crossed near the posts for the 7 pointer.

However Worthing again went of the offensive and from initially scrappy ball, Orbell was able to feed Adu and he made the half break picking out Morin, he drew the 15 and delivered the ball to Holloway-Hudson to run in from 25m. Another excellent Raider score and Raiders up at the half 15-7.


Sadly for the visitors the lack of a large bench and the where physics of good little-uns up against solid big-ins could not be sustained and the greater kicking ability and size made the difference. Only in the last 10mins did Cov take the lead and move away from the dogged Raider effort.


Huge performance from all well played to everyone.


MOM: Ollie Rowley + Dan Adu


Tries: Holmes,  Morin, Holloway-Hudson

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