Raiders Academy at Worthing College 0 Hartpury 21

The Raiders academy hosted Hartpury in the AoC Premier Cup and league double header at Raider HQ on Wednesday.


Worthing went into this as huge underdogs as Hartpury are the national champions at U18 level and as such have enormous strength throughout their 5 rugby teams fielded each week.

However the Blues were more than a match for the favourites in terms of tenacity, determination and sheer doggedness. It took some scintillating back play to break the lines of the Blues defence and a well finished off try for the visitors was converted to make it Raiders 0 Hartpury 7.

Concerted pressure was possibly to be expected, but didn’t come as the Blues gave as good as they received and arguably should have scored to make it 7-7. But great defence and poor execution of skills made it difficult for the Raiders to mount a serious challenge.

Hartpury scored again before the break and finally in the last minute of play when the Blues were down to 14 players owing to an injury. Hartpury have the class and skill to take advantage of such mismatches and that they did to end up 21-0 victors over the Raiders.


Not a poor performance in the squad, manful to the end. However when you play the best college in the country it is always going to be tough!

Video report to follow.

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