Worthing College v Itchen College.

After one of the worst drives to Hampshire, due to horrendous weather conditions, we arrived at Itchen College, one of the best netballing teams in Hampshire.

Once again the first team got off to a very poor start, Itchen were very well drilled and had spent Monday working their defence which was extremely effective. They shut Worthing down and we were unable to think about how to move forward effectively. First quarter ended  13-4  and with the Worthing players having a lot to think about.

Laura and Lucy had discussed what they could do better in defence and from the second quarter onwards, played a blinder working extremely well as a team and limiting Itchen’s chances to shoot, positioning for rebounds good and calling excellent. A change at WD paid dividends for Worthing and Gemma did a good job of shutting down their WA.  

Itchen were still working extremely hard all the way down court and we struggled at WA and C to drive into the right place to get the ball. Beth overcame initial problems with the GD to shoot well and maintain her composure, half time score 22-11.

Third quarter started brightly for Worthing and at one point the difference was down to 4 goals before Itchen stepped up again and extended the lead back to 10 goals so Worthing won that quarter by 1.

Having realised we could compete we started the fourth quarter brightly and again got back within 6 goals, Katy was holding well and once she got the ball, she was very accurate.

Three out of four quarters we competed well and it was a competitive game, we have just got to work out how to start well !! Tempo at training Friday will be much higher girls.

Strength & conditioning starting at 1.30 in room 183

Mom – Beth Watson – Final score 40-29 Itchen


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