Quarter final of the Sussex County Cup on a bitterly cold but dry winter afternoon. Full strength squad was available although unfortunately Katy Begley was suffering from tonsillitis but agreed to play. Uplands were a completely unknown quantity but they had beaten Collyerrs in the previous round so were not to be treated lightly.

Game started well with Worthing taking an early 5-1 lead, before 4 mistakes lead to score being 5-5. Uplands had an excellent centre who was controlling the game and the shooters from both sides were not missing. Beth Watson was working her socks off both in attack but also when Worthing didn’t have the ball. We were struggling to contain the centre and changes needed to be made at quarter time when we were 1 up. Faye Murton came on at C but the centre maintained her domination of the court, a few mistakes from both teams and the game literally went goal for goal and was turning into a real thriller for the crowd (Ben & Sam). Lucy and Laura were working hard in defence but their shooting circle were well drilled but neither gave up throughout the game. Half time and Worthing still just one goal up.

I moved Rebecca Farrow to C, Sophi to WA and Faye Murton to WD, the third quarter started badly with Uplands taking an early 4 goal lead while we sorted out our attacking third. We pulled the goals back, with Faye Murton making several critical interceptions, Rebecca keeping better control of their centre and Beth Watson continuing to shoot brilliantly and work so hard down court. we took the lead back to end the third quarter four goals up.

Simple netball was all that was required, score off all our centre passes, game won. Our centre and yes, they scored. This seemed to trigger us into life, Faye made three marvellous interceptions, Beth couldn’t miss and we suddenly had a nine goal lead. However the girls don’t like me to enjoy games and Uplands started to come back at us, narrowing the lead to four goals. With 30 secs to go and a four goal lead I relaxed and began to look forward to the semi finals.

A good team performance, you all worked hard and worked as a team, and Beth was without doubt, player of the match from our team and given it by Uplands. but a special mention must go to Faye who really did change the game with her very timely interceptions.




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