Worthing 2-1 BHASVIC (Tubby, Pursey) ESFA Cup
Player of the match – Emily Baker

Worthing had a quick start to the game with pressure on the ball and some good passes from Emily Baker at the back which meant they maintained a lot of possession. With BHASVIC playing with a deep defence line this gave Worthing the opportunity to get lots of shots off. 30minutes in and Worthing had already had numerous shots on target from Sara, Niamh, Annie and Valentine who tested the BHASVIC keeper. Although a lot of shots came close none made it into the back of the net. Throughout the first half Worthing passed the ball around making it tricky for BHASVIC to get the ball although they did break through once to only be shutdown quickly by Worthing’s defence including Megan and Emily. A strong and dominate first half from Worthing and unlucky to not get a goal the score was left 0-0.
HT 0-0
Worthing changed their tactics a little by trying to play the ball around BHASVIC and to then play in behind to get Sara on the ball. BHASVIC sat off and narrowed to try and make it difficult to play through. However, not long into the second half Niamh found Sara with a through ball that Sara got good connection with to make the score 1-0. With most of the possession still with Worthing it wasn’t too long till they found the back of the net again. With a swap from Sara and Valentine, Valentine now playing Centre forward and Sara playing midfield, Annie got on the ball in the centre and drove the ball at pace through BHASVIC’s defence for Valentine to get her shot off this time BHASVIC’s keeper couldn’t get her hands to it. The score now 2-0 with not long to go. Worthing kept the ball and played it around maintaining possession with good link up play from Hoskins, Annie and Emily. But, from some high pressure BHASVIC won the ball and then found the back of Worthing’s net making the score 2-1. Not long to go Worthing had to work hard to keep the ball and not let BHASVIC break them down. Some close shots near to the end of the game from Niamh and Annie were unfortunate to not find the target with the whistle finishing the game 2-1 to Worthing.
FT – 2-1

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