Wednesday saw the arrival of one of Hampshire’s strong netballing colleges Farnborough at the College.
The first team lost 47-30 due to their own mistakes, too many long balls into Katy Begley which the GK picked off, once it doesn’t work once or twice girls, you need to change your tactics. Defensively for the first quarter we allowed their GS to set up in front, and once she got the ball she never missed. After Sarah spoke to the team at quarter time and made a couple of changes, things started to improve and the difference came down to 6 goals before Farnborough stepped it up again to lead by 10 at half time. Third quarter after Sarah had again spoken about feeding from circle edge, the girls got the difference back to 5 and were making a real game of it before we lost control and went back to trying to force a long ball in. From being down by 5, the quarter ended down by 15! Final score 47-30 to Farnborough. Lucy Hawkins and Chloe York made debuts in the first team and held their own, well done girls. MOM Rebecca Farrow.
Back to basics again on Friday, fitness and hard work and using your brains is the order of the day.

2nd team however had a very good afternoon, with the girls playing really well against a strong Farnborough 2nd team. The shooting combination of Yasmin and Charlotte worked extremely well (they play League netball together), Charlotte Lay again had an excellent game at WA and the real star of the show was Ruth Wenyeve who the opposition made MOM as well as me. Ruth worked really hard on the areas of her game that had been missing (distance and control) and this paid dividends as she got a number of great interceptions, playing League netball has really brought on her game. The girls worked well as a team and it was great that all 9 players were able to play a part. 25-21 win
Fitness is still an issue with the 2nd team as well.

Girls I would like to see you all in the gym on a regular basis

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