A first for the netball teams,a trip by coach with the rugby academy to Winchester to face the might of Peter Symonds.

Worthing 1 started brightly enough with Beth Watson shooting extremely well however poor decision making and a lack of driving onto the ball was to cost Worthing dear. Symonds were quicker,more accurate than Worthing and as a result the game was over as a contest by half time. Alice Bowles swapped to WA at quarter time and showed that work had been done on driving forward and finding space and was extremely unlucky to get an ankle injury in the third quarter.

Final score 71-31 mom Beth Watson

A massive amount of work to do girls

Worthing 2s game started in a frenetic fashion with mistakes a plenty on both sides. Yasmin’s shooting was excellent, Charlotte Lay’s positioning and feeding into the circle good and Chloe York’s work rate in defense outstanding. Worthing were unlucky to go in 6-3 down at quarter time. Second quarter was similar although Simmonds picked up their game. Half time 13-6. Having taken a squad of 12 a decision was made to give everyone at least a quarter. For some players this was a real baptism of fire and they have a lot to learn.
Final score 27-12

Mom Chloe York

Fitness an issue in both squads more visits to the gym needed girls !

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