Worthing College 1st team v Barking Abbey – ECFA Premier League

Worthing started off their home campaign with a steady, solid start keeping the ball. 15 minutes in and Valentine got the first booking of the game. Worthing carried on going forward and keeping the ball well. Barking scored from an defensive error in the box which lead to a 1-0 lead. We went 2-0 nil down by a counter attack which went under the goalkeeper. Within the final 5 minutes Annie Rolf hit the crossbar from 30 yards and then Niamh Anderson narrowly missing the top right corner. 2nd half was under away and Worthing were looking unsteady and within the first 5 minutes went 3-0 down. Then about 20 minutes in a Barking Abbey player drove through the defensive line and then lead to a penalty and Molly Towers being sent off. Worthing then put Niamh in goal and set up 4-3-2 putting Sara Tubby as a striker. We bought it back to 4-1 from a strike from outside of the box from Valentine Pursey. Worthing were still pushing forward and were solid across the pitch with only 10 players. Worthing’s 2nd goal came from a drop kick from Niamh where Sara tubby ran onto to it and finished bottom left corner. The final result was 4-2 to Barking Abbey. Player of the match: Sara Tubby

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