Worthing 2 v Chichester 1 – Hampshire League

Despite it being September the season got off on a wet miserable afternoon at home to local rivals Chichester. I had been asked by their coach not to field our first team as they were very weak, so the new girls took to the court and performed brilliantly. Putting into practice a number of things we had worked on in training.

The attacking combination in the first quarter of Yasmin Payne GS & Charlotte Lloyd GA, with Charlotte Lay at WA and Lucy Hawkins at C worked a dream, accurate feeding into the circle and excellent shooting, Worthing took a lead of 14-1 at the end of the first quarter. This was then an opportunity to give everyone a chance on court. Changes were made with Maddie Wand coming on at GS and Jasmine coming on at C. The new formation took a little time to gel, however the defense of Chyna WD, Emily and Rebecca continued to stand firm, giving Chichester few opportunities to score. Half time score was 26 -6.

Changes were made throughout the 3rd and 4th quarters for me to see what worked best as the opposition were very weak., targets were set and the girls achieved them. Considering for some it was the first real competitive game they had ever played with proper umpiring, they excelled.

Final score 53-14
MOM – Charlotte Lay – excellent feeding and positioning throughout

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