Worthing College 2nd XV 7 BHASVIC 0 Sussex League Playoff Final

Unbelievably windy conditions met both sides as they arrived at Brighton RFC on Wednesday a afternoon which increased the tension and pressure in equal measure.

The Greens started playing in to the strong wind and got into the game early putting together some intelligent phases considering the weather but unfortunately not being able to break the opposition line.

Worthing suffered a sin bin towards the end of the first half and managed to control the pressure placed on them from the BHASVIC side until the half. Positive messages given at during the break and taken on board.

So to the second half. The Greens playing with a slight wind advantage put to work to get what could be the deciding score.

The line out was functioning well considering the conditions and both Hookers Fow and Youngs doing sterling work with the lifters hitting their assignments consistently providing some primary phase ball to attack with. The obvious limitations for passing and kicking condensed the game to around the ruck and a match up of physics. Pleasingly the Greens gained the upper hand and gained good field position by defending responsibly and not antagonising the man in the middle. He had already binned two Greens for holding on and playing the ball in the ruck so was not to be messed with any further.

Finally and somewhat predictably if the prior 60mins were an indication, it would be one score, one mistake or one pice of brilliance. Jordan ran a delightful line and held the ball in front of the defence just long enough for Collier to push wide and Tomlinson to run a hard unders beating the defender and cursing under the horns. Greens 5-0. Collier nudged the extras with the aid of Jordan on the ball Greens 7-0. It would remain this way with Worthing fending some late pressure to hold on for the win.

What a performance from a group of players that lost their first game at college 79-0. They have improved more than any side in any sport at the college this evidenced by the score reversal today of the 36-12 match in December. Joyous scenes greeted the final whistle and Worthing had overcome the opposition, the weather indifferent luck with the officials and the underdog status.

Congratulations to the Greens. Sussex League winners


Congratulations to the whole squad, the playing and non playing reserves, an epic performance laden with grit, determination and heart. Two very pleased and proud coaches have been incredibly humbled by the opportunity to work with such motivated student rugby players. Well done to all we look forward to working with you again in pre season.

Tries: Tomlinson

Cons: Collier


Forwards: Alex Bryant- brilliant carries with the ball. Made a mess of the BHASVIC breakdown and made numerous tackles.

Backs: Kieran Tomlinson- carried hard and defended well. Was abrasive and lead at every opportunity. Scored the winning try.

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