Worthing Raiders Academy at Worthing College- Talent on Trial

On the back of the excellent win for the Worthing College 2nd XV v the Weald in the Sussex League Semi final, Worthing RFC was venue for the first of two trials for the 2015-16 season. With plenty of work being done throughout the year and strong players in Yr11 anticipated on attending, Coaches Hewick and Coulson waited with slight trepidation of what might be. Hewick commented “There is always that moment where you wonder if your work and effort to get people here will translate into attendance.”

Much to the delight of the coaching team and supporting coaches of Jack Roberts (Worthing RFC U18 Coach), Elliott Luke (Raiders 1st XV), Jack Lake (Raiders 1st XV/Academy), Rob Fogerty (Raiders Academy XV Captain), James Burger (Raiders A/Academy), Liam Lee (Raiders Academy) in excess of 35 players turned up. More than enough to fill the hearts and minds with excitement at the impending season.

The power and speed stats were impressive with sub 5.5sec times being run for the 40m and the best standing long jump hitting 2.98m, plenty of raised eye brows over that one distance. Following on from the testing scores and skills session the session turned to rugby. This is what everyone had come for and was really interested in.

At an intensity rarely seen in a trial environment, the skills in evidence were at the level desired at the highest level of college rugby. Coach Coulson added “We were very impressed at the level  of skill on show. This possibly represents the best intake for five years, leaving us (Hewick + Coulson) tentatively excited.” He went on to say “Obviously these students still have to commit to Worthing College and get through the door in September. But with what we’ve just seen and what they have experienced I hope they all want in! It will be the strongest squad for years if they do.”

So strong words and sentiment from Coulson. As the students left Worthing RFC to rest and recover, Coulson and Hewick were already breaking the game film down and having discussions with the other coaches. The stats, skills, attitude and application that had really impressed had to be dissected and deliberated over. There a number of tough decision to be made, although not just yet as the second trial is on April 15th, where all will be given the chance to perform in a competitive match situation.

Hewick concluded “Well that was a great start, lets see if we can back it up after Easter then into the summer off season. We (Coulson + Hewick) are looking forward to working with this group very much.” A nice note to finish on, with the prospect of impressive things to come…….

Lets see how is plays out.

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