Worthing College 2nd XV 0 Hartpury College 50

Worthing College Greens Downed At Hartpury

Worthing College Greens travelled to Hartpury to fulfill a BCS Prem fixture, due to the Raiders squad being involved in a national cup semi-final. This was always going to be a daunting task for them. It became even more daunting when the delayed arrival allowed for only a 10minute warm up. Despite this Worthing started brightly and put Hartpury under some pressure with Ciaran Mcgowan and Tom Adams making some good tackles and turnovers. Unfortunately this could not be sustained and Worthing soon found themselves 12-0 down. Each kickoff by Jacob Ricahrds-Hart allowed Worthing to challenge for the ball and Alex Bryant was ever present in challenging for it. He also made several significant contributions to slowing down the Hartpury attacking ball. This combined with some strong scrummaging from Tom Adams, Jack Munro and Tom Youngs allowed Worthing to get some good attacking ball and Callum Morin found some space and attacked the down the wing. He had a one on one with the fullback and chipped over the top. A footrace ensued and an unlucky bounce just meant the try fell away from Callum. This appeared to affect the Worthing confidence and Hartpury scored a couple more tries before half-time.

The second half started poorly and Worthing conceded straight off the kick off. The next kick off saw Worthing win the ball and attack. This allowed Worthing to finally got some good attacking ball and they peppered the Hartpury line for the that elusive. Jacob Richards-Hart was leading the attack with some high tempo quick tap penalties. This allowed Tom Adams to go close twice. Unfortunately Worthing just could not execute the 3 on 1 required to score and the ball was turned over. This seemed to take the wind out of the Worthing sails completely, they tried heroically to keep Hartpury out, but just could not manage.

Worthing can be credited in never giving up against a tough opposition and having the ability to at times defend really well and put Hartpury under significant pressure. They can also be credited with playing against a team that is a level above them and to compete and put them under attacking pressure with the scrumagging from Tom Adams being a particular strong point.. Unfortunately Worthing were outclassed by a stronger outfit.
MOM: Tom Adams – For strong scrummaging and outstanding commitment around the field.

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