First tournament of the season was the versatility tournament at St Vincent’s College Gosport, not a venue known for its warmth as it’s on the river.

Worthing College took two teams and were in a confident mood as they approached the first games. The pools had been split into first and second teams and all the big colleges were there.
The first team started with Farnborough and positions were not in Worthing’s favour with Rosanna sub, Katy B GK and shooters Amelia and Ella however we battled well and earned a 4-4 draw. Second game Peter Symonds, still no recongnised shooters in the circle but again a well earned 4-4 draw. Third game, well I was umpiring the 2nd team game and all I could see were missed shots however the defense of Katy B, Rosanna and Lauren meant they could not get the ball into the circle. A game we won 5-2. Itchen College next Rosanna and Katy shooting surely this was the game! Unfortunately a very small defence of Katie L and their shooters in the circle meant a good game 13-9 winners. Barton Peveril last game an unusual shooting combination here of Amelia and Katherine, with Begley off the court giving shooting tips from the side line gave us an 8-2 win. Due to the nature of the tournament everyone else had won/lost and Worthing 1 came out worthy winners.

Worthing 2 were amazing for the first 4 games wining them all in some style. 19-1 first game, 11-2 second game, 21-2, 10-0, then fate struck no real shooters in the circle and the might of Peter Symonds. A game they fought extremely well in but lost which meant due to the nature of the tournament they were playing for 3/4 position against QMC first team. To be fair it was a shortened game but one they lost 2-1.

Despite the cold, great day girls and all of you played extremely well. look forward to next week’s proper netball tournament.

Special thanks to Alice and Rosanna for umpiring some games for me.

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