Worthing 1 51 Itchen 29

On a bitterly cold afternoon Itchen travelled to Worthing to play, a team known for their physical style of play, the girls were told to be prepared and learn to take it, without reacting.

The game started well with Katy Begley in fine shooting form, and the defensive formation of Amelia Smith and Rosanna O’Mahony standing firm against a good GA. Movement centre court was an area of weakness but the quarter ended 13-4 in Worthing’s favour. Instructions were given at quarter time for C and WA to move more to, to create opportunities and for Beth Watson GA to stop working so hard up court and for others to do the work.
Second quarter was more of a game, Itchen’s attack sorted themselves out and Worthing did not step up a gear. Score for second quarter was 9-7 to Worthing , giving an overall lead of 22-11.

Complete change at half time with Rosanna moving to GA, Beth to WA, Ella to GD and Katie Lankshear coming on at WD.

Third quarter was where we took the game away scoring 16 goals in 12 mins. At the end of the third quarter Katy Begley had only missed 1 shot. A great quarter. Score 38-20

Fourth quarter Katherine Heater replaced Rebecca at C, game lost its momentum a bit as the game was over as a contest.

Final score 51-29 – the continuation of a great run of results. Well done those of you who took the knocks and didn’t react. Fantastic shooting Katy only missing one shot all game.

Mom from opposition Rebecca Farrow

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