Worthing College 2nd XV 3 Blackheath 50

The Greens made their way to London for this Cat 2 game v Blackheath, the side currently sitting top of the league. Having watched this display it was obvious to see why!

It wasn’t a day for shorts and flip flops as Worthing started the game with an arctic gale at their backs, this was no placebo as it was going to have a huge effect on proceedings. An excellent early defensive set from the Greens maintained try line integrity and turned the ball over to permit progress up the field. Another infringement from the home side and the penalty from 45 was taken and made with room to spare. 3-0 Greens.

Unfortunately from there Blackheath really showed their class and made the Greens work tirelessly for every small victory on the field.

Scrum dominance and the ability to attack from all parts of the field with real fire power even into the prevailing Northeasterly was painfully evident. It was only a matter of time before the tries turned up, sadly Worthing were unable to stem the tide once the line was breached for the first time. However manfully they tried, the constant probing by the home side made for a defensive workout rarely seen this season.

Worthing did manage one attacking moment of hope where a driven line out went 20m before being broken down just short of the line. Had Banksy rocked up, because the writing was on the wall, Blackheath standing strong and repelling each advance. So at the half it was 15-3 to the hosts.

Turning round into the prevailing it was more hard work for the Greens. Not much changed on the attacking for Heath as they gained supremacy at the set piece although didn’t have it all their own way at the breakdown where Worthing gained some good victories. Unfortunately this was not enough to make a dent in the score. Although understanding and technical skill continued to develop as the half progressed the Greens were unable to deal with the rhomboid shaped attack that brought runners from all angles and depths.

A highlight of the effort was a great stand made in the left corner where the attackers were kept out for countless phases by dogged, committed and determined tackling. On more than one occasion the ball was slowed up and at one point Jordan got a helping of shoe pie as he failed to roll at the speed desired by his opponents. Although heroic the green wall was breached for the final time and at the conclusion a 50-3 scoreline in was a fair relocation of the difference in quality but not effort.

Good performances were abundant throughout the side, although this may sound strange, big strides forward were taken by some of the freshers and senior player alike. Iain Lynch was outstanding and made numerous tackles, Harkin was revolutionary on the flank and Morin again looked good with the ball at 15.

Training Friday for more development and progress.

MOM: Iain Lynch, great tackle count and bounce time

Pens: Gibson

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