Raiders Academy at Worthing College 22 St Bedes 12

Raiders Win County Cup Quarter-Final

On Tuesday the Raiders Academy squad travelled to St. Bedes in Hailsham to play the county cup quarter final. The game was played on a soft pitch with quite a severe slope. Worthing started the game brightly recieveing the ball from the kick off in the 22. A strong carry by Josh Fow resulted in a ruck just on the 10m line, and a strong kick down the slope resulted in a St bede’s lineout on their 22, a good start. The next 10 minutes of the game, resulted in plauers adapting to the conditions with several knock-ons and scrums. At scrum time Worthing started to assert their dominance with Liam Lee, Jurgen Forster and Josh Fow demonstrating their technical superiority. This strong platform eventually allowed Rob Fogerty, Dalton Tessier and Dan Adu to make strong runs into the St. Bedes half. Worthing were awarded a scrum on the St Bede’s 5m line, once again a strong platform set by the front row, allowed Hassan Hassan to break from the scrum and feed Josh Steggles who dived over for the first score. Conversion missed, 5-0. From the kick off Worthing retained the ball and looked to clear their lines. A series of ping-pong style kicks fielded well by James Clegg and Dalton Tessier, finally led to a strong counter attack by James Clegg, who made good meters up the pitch beating several defenders. This brought Dan Swaart into played who moved the ball wide with some good passing to Dan Adu who made another good strong run. The forwards now took over with some strong running and good ball retention by Richard Clarkson, Ben Calleja and Ben Bathurst. Some good hands by Dan Swaart and Brent Van Rooji released James Clegg who finished 2m short. The ball was retained well with some good clearance work by Ben Bathurst and Josh Fow, which allowed for quick ball and Josh Steggles fed Dario Packham who barreled his way over to score, try converted by Foggerty (12-0).


Worthing once again retained the kick off and a strong carry by Ben Calleja allowed Daan Swaart to clear the lines. A series of Worthing mistakes, penalties and a missed tackle led to Worthing gaining a lineout on the Worthing 5m line.. After a flurry of bounces, the ball found its way into a St bedes hand who dived over to score, making it 12-5. From the restart Worthing kicked off deep and started to put St Bedes under pressure. Some strong defensive work from Daan Swaart, Rob Fogerty and Brent Van Rooji put the St bedes backline under severe pressure. This allowed Ben Bathurst, Dario Packham and Josh Fow to run riot at the breakdown; they gained several turnovers, by counter rucking aggressively. This allowed Worthing to secure possession of the ball and through some strong carrying by Hassan Hassan, James Clegg and Dan Adu, Worthing started to move forward. Worthing finally won a penalty in the last play of the half in front of the posts and it was duly kicked by Rob Fogerty (15-5).


The second half started slowly with Worthing knocking on from the kick off. The resulting scrum allowed St Bede’s to attack with some purpose and put Worthing under some pressure. Worthing defended well, but a series of penalties, meant Worthing were unable to relieve the pressure. Eventually St Bede’s bashed their way over to score. 15-12.


Some calming words from coach Hewick with some clear processes with how to progess from here were set; ‘kick it deep and make them play from 80m’. The boys responded a strong restart from Fogerty deep into St Bede’s territory resulted in a Worthing lineout just outside the 22m. Strong lineout work by Ben Bathurst meant Worthing got quick ball, which allowed Rob Fogerty to get over the gain line. Worthing forwards worked hard to get over the gain line again with Hassan Hassan and Michael Dingle doing some good work. This to Dario producing a strong carry again off 9, who offloaded well to Micheal Dingle who ran over 2 defenders to finish 2m short, the strong clear by Josh Fow and Jurgen Forster meant Rob Fogerty picked up and dived over. Converted by himself the score was 22-12.


This led into the final period of the game, which was blighted by penalties and mistakes as the pitch started to deteriorate. Worthing played smartly by not listening to the referee who started to punish St Bede’s heavily. Alex Bryant and Jacob Parkin came on and were very effective at stopping the St Bede’s big runners, who tried to influence to game. This allowed Daan Swaart and Rob Fogerty to constantly clear the lines. Dan Adu, Dalton Tessier and James Clegg consistently fielded kicks by St Bede’s and counter attacked well, when a stable footing could not be gained. The resulting rucks allowed Jacob Richards-Hart, who was making his Raiders debut, to box kick effectively and when the opportunity was on Jacob moved the ball well. Worthing consistently defended well and kept putting the St.Bedes runners and backline under severe pressure. The strong scrummaging from Liam Lee, Tom Adams and Ben Bathurst (now at hooker) allowed Worthing the platform to secure the ball and relieve pressure.


Finally after, another mistake the referee blew for full time and Worthing were worthy winners.


MOM Forwards – Dario Packham – for some excellent breakdown work creating turnovers, and some outstanding link play to score and make tries.


MOM Backs – James Clegg – For brilliant work fielding high balls and kicks in some very difficult conditions, and counter attacking well in some terrible conditions.

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