Sussex U19 Netball Knock Out Cup quarter final.

A trip to East Grinstead was Monday afternoon’s pleasure for the Netball Academy as Imberhorne were unable to play on a Wed. Everyone was fit and available so a squad of 11 took to the road on a very wet afternoon. Fortunately Imberhorne have a brand new sports hall with run off etc so it was an afternoon to enjoy.

We all knew it was to be a very close game as their team is CD Phoenix u19 regional team and it certainly was. The game went goal for goal in the first and second quarters with both teams failing to capitalise on each other’s mistakes.

Changes were made to Worthing College defense and at the start of the third quarter Worthing took a 10 goal lead, which should have been enough for us to relax and start playing controlled calm netball but oh no, we then proceeded to concede the next 12 goals and go in 2 down at the start of the final quarter.

The lead changed several times during the next 8 mins then Worthing took 5 goal lead, which was reduced to 2 and then it went goal for goal until the final whistle. Relief on winning a very tough game, well done girls for riding the rollacoaster and coming out on top.

Mom Rosanna

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