Worthing College 2nd XV 0 Oaklands College 38

Worthing were outclassed today but not out fought. The physical difference between the sides was marked however this was not immediately evident in the early encounters. The Greens showing they had more than enough spirit, grit and determination to counter the imbalance.

It was intact Worthing that had the first chance to score with a long pass just not able to be held by Seacombe with a 50m footrace to the line on offer. If I were a betting man, I know where my money would be in that situation! This unfortunately was the closest Worthing got for a while and the home side made the most of some luck and some ineffective defence by the Greens.

Moving onwards through the half the Greens found some good field position and made real progress towards the Oakland line. Much of this was on the back of some excellent work in the forwards and great direction from the half backs Richards-Hart and Jordan. The centres ran hard when they had the chance and wingers offered a threat out wide although getting the ball there was proving an issue.

At the break offensive and defensive focus points were delivered and agreed and the Greens entered into the second half with a renewed vigour. It was always going to be difficult playing up hill into a substantial breeze and the home side were quick to make that advantage evident.

Tries come at regular intervals throughout the half however the Greens made the opposition earn every metre gained and each point scored.

There were a number of defensive heroes in the ranks today. Tomlinson came off the bench in his first college action after injury and was impressive both with and without the ball. Jordan put in his best kicking and defensive display thus far. Parkin again showed his credentials as an impressive back row, putting his hand up for Blues selection. Bellingham had his best game of the season matching his opposite number and Adams again showed he is a Blue player in the very very near future. Muzhanye came off the bench and made two very good tackles. But the two performances that caught the eye the most were those of I.Lynch having the best game of his college career, making tackles and great decisions at the breakdown and Richards-Hart, linking play very well and pressuring his opposite man to the detriment of the entire teams performance.

Wounds to be licked, but an excellent performance when considering the opposition. This performance can only add to the anticipation of the derby fixture against Collyers next week.



Forwards: Iain Lynch

Backs: jacob Richards-Hart

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