Wednesday saw the arrival of Collyers for friendly matches with the 1st & 2nd teams – we only had 7 players for the 2nd team due to illness however what 7 players they were. They absolutely thrashed Collyers 51-7 with an outstanding team display. Defensively we fought for every ball, making numerous interceptions and making sure every rebound was ours. Centre court everyone worked hard in attack and defense and shooting wise Beth & Sax formed a great partnership scoring with ease.

It was a great way to end the term, to see everything we had worked on in training being put into practice on the pitch. A super team spirit and a pleasure to umpire.

Well done girls, every single one of you was man of the match

The 1st team had a much closer match ending up winning 43-34. A scrappy start with Worthing not really getting out of first gear only leading by 2 at half time. In the 3rd quarter Worthing started to play better with Rosanna O’Mahony dominating play throughout the court. A few crucial interceptions in defence enabled Worthing to take a bigger lead and finally won the match by 9 goals. Not the best the girls have played but they never gave up and got the win.

Player of the match was Rosanna O’Mahony.

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