Another trip into Hampshire to Peter Symonds to face the team that won the BCS Regional Champs, Hampshire Round of National Schools and unbeaten in the League. We discussed beforehand the way to beat them was to ensure we made no mistakes and capitalised on any of their errors. A local school had brought their yr7, 8, 9 & 10 girls to watch the game which led to a great atmosphere in the sports hall.

Warm up went well but we were soon 4-0 down after silly mistakes and Symonds taking full advantage, we gradually got ourselves back in the game but were not making the most of our turnovers (11) from which we scored 2 goals, too many misplaced passes centre court was our undoing, although when the ball got to Katy Begley she didn’t miss. First quarter ended 14-11 down. Alice Bowles came on at WD and this really had a major effect on the game. I asked her to prevent the drive to the top of the circle & she did this very well, Alice also got a few tips and Lauren Steady was there to pick up the ball, defensively we became much more secure, we were still launching too many balls into the circle from distance but we overturned the deficit to go in 20 -25 up. Katy was still shooting at 100% with Rosanna working so hard at GA.

Hard decision not to change anything at half time but I thought things were working well. Third quarter we came under intense pressure from Symonds and lost 4 goals on the trot but we recovered and went into the final quarter 6 up.

All we had to do was keep our heads and play controlled netball however Symonds are not used to losing and had completely different ideas. They upped their game, putting more pressure on at all times, forcing errors and gradually got the score back to 1 we then scored back to 2 goal lead. This score line went like this for the final 5 mins(felt like an hour).20 secs to go and in possession, Lauren and Alice played a great possession game between them to ensure we won the game.

An outstanding team performance from everyone, MOM was given to Lauren Steady by Symonds and rightly so as she had an outstanding game at GD, Katy Begley only missed 2 shots all afternoon which is excellent stats, Alice Bowles changed the game 2nd quarter and Rosanna O’Mahoney worked tirelessly in attack and defence for an hour. You were all a pleasure to watch and the young children from the local school saw an outstanding match played in exactly the right spirit.

All we need to do now girls is duplicate this performance every week.

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