Raiders Academy at Worthing College 31 Hartpury 43

The Raiders Academy will look back on this match with slightly heavy hearts, not because the match was played at 100mph but because it was winnable. A match that showed all that is good about in Colleges rugby at this level. Both teams showed proficiency at the set piece and in the loose, with defences being placed under great pressure constantly.

Worthing started much the better and scored from a well executed catch and drive through Hrydynskyy. Converted by Gibson, Raiders 7-0.

college v hartpury 030
Hrydynskyy finishing the good work of the forward pack


The following 10mins consisted of both teams striving but not gaining any dominance in any facet of the game. the visitors looked dangerous with every attack and the Raiders struggled to hold the line, but did and turned over after a period of visitors pressure. Unfortunately the kick went astray and a good counter attack ended up under the Raiders posts, 7-7.

The visitors gained the next score with a great break made by the opposition 12 going close to the posts again 7-14 visitors.

Swift got the first come back try 14-14 then more play between the 22m lines then the Raiders created two excellent scores. The first from some excellent build up play leading to a good finish from Hassan.

Hassan fending on his way to the line
Hassan with the fend on the way to the line


college v hartpury 086
and  crossing for 5 points


On the same side of the field great work from Martin, Lake, Fogerty lead to Burger going over in the corner. 24-14 Raiders at the break.

college v hartpury 093
Captain Fogerty putting Burger away for the score


Raiders kicked off with the sun and slight breeze at their backs which should have been the catalyst for more progress. At the start of the half that seemed the way it was going with Beecham scoring from a good period of pressure. Raiders now up 31-14.

college v hartpury 116
Good pressure leading to the score for Beecham


Then the wheels came right off the wagon with the visitors scoring 29 unanswered points. We could sit here for weeks picking apart those scary moments but we won’t. We will instead say that Hartpury were well worth every point.

Unfortunate and disappointing but a great game of rugby and on reflection the better side won.

See you on Friday for training.


Forwards: Hassan Hassan- great footwork in the carry and work from the restart.

Backs: Josh Steggles- very effective playing out of position.

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