Worthing College 2nd XV 17 Brockenhurst 2nd XV 15

The greens won a tight contest against a strong Brockenhurst side in their first game at home. The greens started playing uphill into a strong wind and knew the first half would be a tough battle. Brock soon took advantage of the wind and sloped and had the Greens camped on their own line. Through some ferocious defense led by returning captain Woody Cox the green squad managed to keep Brock out and clear their lines. Unfortunately due to the wind Worthing soon found themselves on their line defending heroically to keep Brock out. Regan Peaster was successful at slowing the rucks down by counter rucking strongly. Unfortunately this could be maintained and Brock managed to squeeze over. (0-5) Worthing’s strong defense continued throughout the whole half, with Jacob Parkin making countless tackles. This broke up Brock’s flow and they were unable to build any successful attacks. Alex Bryant who was highly influential at the rucks, by consistently slowing the ball down and turning it over, supported this. This was shown when Worthing worked their way into the Brock half by some strong carries by Jimmy Seacombe and Jacob Mogre. Callum Morin and James Clegg did a brilliant job in fielding some difficult long kicks that Brock were using to try and peg Worthing back.

Clegg counters after collecting another high ball

This coupled with some strong counter-attacks from these two and Jimmy Seacombe meant Brock were never able to fully take control of the wind and slope. The strong defense told when Connor Thompson put in a strong tackle on his opposite fly-half, which caused a knock on, which Woody Cox subsequently picked up and powered his way over from 10m out. Duly converted by Matt Collier.

The Greens celebrate their first try

Brock restarted the game and managed to win a penalty 40m out after some unacceptable back chat to referee. This took the score to 7-8 to Brock leading into half time.

The words at half time centered on Worthing maintained their strong defense and keeping Brock out. Worthing also looked to maintain possession more effectively having given it up too easily at times. There was also discussion had by the captains and Matt Collier on using the wind and slope effectively in the second half.

The second half began with Worthing kicking deep into the Brock territory through a strong kick receipt from Brock and an excellent box kick from Jacob Richards-Hart. A series of strong carries by Josh Fow and Rich Clarkson, led to Worthing winning a penalty just right of the posts. Worthing elected to go to the posts and Matt Collier calmly slotted the penalty to make it 10-8.

Collier here moving the ball in attack had a great day with the boot with 100% and 7 points

Worthing once again made their way into the Brock half with some good tactical kicking from Connor Thompson. The strong chase from Jimmy Seacombe forced a knock and led to an attacking scrum for Worthing. A strong carry from Matt Collier got Worthing in front of the Brock posts, but unfortunately a knock on meant Worthing could not convert this into points. The resulting scrum produced a weak Brock clearance due to the pressure put on by Simone Agostini, this landed into the arms of Captain Cox, who carried strongly and presented the ball well to be recycled. Alex Bryant used some good aggressive footwork to get over the gain line. This led to Conor Thompson releasing the ball the James Monagahan who took the ball flat and delivered the ball to Jacob Parkin, who subsequently popped the ball to Callum Morin who had run a lovely unders line off him and bust through the two tacklers to score under the posts. Matt Collier once again converted making it 17-8.

Captain Cox carried well all day and placed pressure on the opposition in defence

Brock then from the restart, started to play some rugby and put together a series of strong carries. This led to their tighthead prop powerfully breaking the line side-stepping the covering defence and steam towards the line, along came Callum Morin who once again made an outstanding cover tackle and managed to haul him down on the line. Some brilliant work at the ruck saw Alex Bryant slow the ball down enough for Adam Boxall to reorganize the defense.

Alex Bryant made a big impact off the bench carrying and at the break down

Worthing pressed hard to attempt to stop the score, but unfortunately couldn’t hold out a strong Brock attack. They converted to make it 17-15, with 3minutes to play. Worthing kicked deep to try and relieve the pressure, but a tiring defense was now struggling to hold out a rejuvenated Brock attack. Brock made their way into the Worthing half through some ill discipline. A strong Brock attack broke down the right hand side of the pitch and was halted by only some last-ditch tackling. The resulting penalty from the ruck Brock elected to go for posts, as there was no time on the clock left. The kick goes over and Brock would win, the kick misses Worthing win. Fortunately for Worthing the kick just shaded the left post, the ball was kicked out of play and Worthing won the game 17-15. A fantastic result, well done.

MOM – Woody Cox and Jacob Parkin – Both led an outstanding defensive effort.

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