The AASE womens rugby team took a trip up to London to a round robin 7s event organised by Surrey, Sussex and Kent. It was clear from the start that this was going to be a day for the newbies. and they did exactly that! Against inexperienced teams it was a great introduction to the game for the newbies (Jasmine Spalding and Becky Sim) who put in some cracking tackles, Becky fiercely overpowered someone four times her weight. There were good lines run by everyone notably in the second game with loops and switches all over the place within the back line.

The first game against Reigate was a 31-0 win, two tries scored by Ashleigh smith, two tries scored by Maddy Burnage, one try by Elise Piggott- her first ever try. The second game against St Charles, Worthing won 5 tries to nothing, scored by Sophie Bulbeck Jasmine Spalding, Katie Phillips and Ashleigh Smith 29-0 with Megan achieving some great rucking and offload. The final game was a combination of Reigate and St Charles against Worthing and ended with 10 of their players vs 7 of ours. The score was 31-0 with tries from Maddy, Jasmine, Elise, Kate and Ashleigh and consistent conversions from Ashleigh and a great conversion from Maddy Burnage.

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